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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have the facility for testing ….XYZ.. type of sample or specific active ingredient?

    ZLRC has the facility to test wide range of products. Kindly visit our website to find out the service provided by us.

    Testing time depend on the types of tests to be performed in various samples and number of parameters to be tested.

    There is specific time required for each testing technique. e.g. 7 days for Microbial limit test, 14 days for Sterility test, 3-7 days for testing by HPLC/GC methods etc.

    Please call us at +977 1 6634037 or visit our laboratory for interpretation / clarification of the test results. You may consult your own technical team for the same.

    It is not advisable to use the sample remained after testing. However, if the sealed bag of large quantity (Sales pack) was submitted testing, ZLRC has the system of drawing the amount of sample required for testing securely by the laboratory personnel without risking the integrity of the product. The container then sealed and returned to the customer.

    ZLRC is a private company, we have to sustain by the income generated by the services provided by ZLRC. We all are aware that laboratory operations including cost of equipment, Reference standards, solvents/chemicals/reagents, energy, human resources, support systems (electricity, water etc), interest charges etc impact on the calculation of rate of testing. Moreover, ZLRC is an internationally accredited institution. There is certain cost required for maintenance.

    Certified Reference Standards (CRM) are available in very small quantity (mgs). Therefore, it is not possible to share it. However, we have the facility to develop secondary reference standards traceable to Primary standards for our own use. Such secondary reference standards can be shared with you required.

    Definitely. We have been receiving samples through courier from various customers.

    Yes, we have been providing sampling services at customer’s premises.

    For generating accurate test results, testing laboratory needs to have the following in place :

    1. Sample handling procedure compliant with GLP/QMS requirements so as to maintain the integrity of the sample
    2. Correct methods – Internationally recognized, official monographs, verified or validated by the testing laboratory.
    3. Correct instruments – calibrated / validated as per the requirement
    4. Certified reference standards / materials
    5. Quality assured Solvents / chemicals/media/ reagents etc.
    6. Qualified, Trained & Competent technical personnel
    7. Laboratory operation in full compliant with GLP / QMS standards.

    It is important to compare the test results of two or more laboratories having same competence and compliance with international standards.

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