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    Zest Laboratories & Research Center

    Our Equipments

    Biological Section

    Autoclave [for Decontamination]
    Autoclave [sterilization]
    Biocenerator Loop sterilizer
    Biosafety Cabinet
    BOD Incubator (10– 60 °c)
    Colony Counter
    Distillation Apparatus
    Dry Bath
    EDI Water System [Boeco Pureplus- UVUF]
    Electronic Analytical Balance, Denver
    Electronic Analytical Balance, Simadzu
    Fridge – 20°C
    Fridge 2-80°C
    Hot Plate
    Hot Plate, VELP Scientific, Europe
    Incubator (20 – 80 °c)
    Incubator (32 – 44 °c)
    Laminar Air Flow System
    pH Meter
    Vacuum Pump, Rocker China
    Vortex Mixer, Sonar, India
    Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
    Automatic Kjeldhal equipment set for protein determination
    Carry 60, UV Spectrophotometer
    Centrifuge Apparatus
    Cold cabinet for reference/ working Std. 2-80C
    Conductivity meter
    Digital Flame Photometer
    Digital Tachometer
    Disintegration Test Apparatus 2 station
    Disintegration Test Apparatus 4 station
    Dissolution Rate Test 8 stations
    Dissolution Tester 14 stations with auto sampler
    EDI Water System [Elga]
    Electronic Analytical Balance- CB-100
    Electronic Analytical Balance, Denver & OHAOS
    Electronic Micro – Balance, Shimadzu AUW220D
    F1 class standard weight box for balance verification
    Filtration Manifold for solid phase extraction
    Fire Extinguisher AB powder
    Fire Extinguisher CO2
    Friability Tester
    Fridge – 200C
    Fridge 2-80C
    Gas Chromatography with Head Space, NPD & FID Detector
    Grinding Machine small and large size
    High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)- 1260 Infinity –II with PDA and RI detector
    High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)- 1260 Infinity –II, with UV detector
    High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)- Prominence-I (II) with PDA & FLD detector
    Hot air Oven
    Hot Plate
    Karl Fischer Titrator
    Kjeldahl Protein Analyzer – Automatic
    Leak Testing Apparatus
    LPG STOVE for specific use in food testing (Multiple stations)
    Magnetic Stirrer
    Melting Point Apparatus
    Microplate reader
    Microplate washer
    Muffle Furnace
    Particle counter (PAMAS)
    pH Meter, Trans equipment, Singapore
    Polarimeter, Acmas Technologies, India
    Potentiometer Titrator
    R.O. Water System 250lits/hr
    Refractometer, Atago Japan
    Shimadzu UV Spectrophotometer
    Sonicator 10 lits
    Sonicator 7.5 lits
    Soxhlet Apparatus
    Tablet Hardness Tester
    UV Lamp Cabinet
    Vacuum Oven
    Vacuum Pump
    Vernier Caliper
    Vortex Mixer, Sonar, India
    Water Bath
    Condom Testing Equipment. BVBP Apparatus
    Cutting tool for Thickness checking
    Electrolite leakage testing Equipment
    Mandrel for checking length
    Micrometer [Thickness Guage]
    Package Integrity Testing Apparatus
    Scale with stand for checking width
    Vernier Calliper
    Water leakage testing Equipment

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