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Water Testing

Water Testing Does clean water mean it is pure? Suvecha Dahal, Senior Content Creator April 1, 2019 What is in your water? Source Let’s talk about water- that comes to your home, that you buy bottled or that comes in a tanker. We equate water with purity. But even... read more

Testing of condoms

Testing of condoms Not losing trust in condoms Suvecha Dahal, Senior Content Creator February 26, 2019 Condoms are not domestically produced in Nepal, they are procured internationally. But are they quality tested after they have arrived in Nepal? Packets of condoms... read more

Sickle Cell Anemia

A condition that is a serious threat to Tharu population in Nepal Sickle Cell Disease Suvecha Dahal, Senior Content Creator February 6,2019 Seventy-year-old Tharu woman Devani Devi Dagaura of Masuria village in Kailali visited local faith healers, looking for answers... read more

What’s inside your panipuri?

Microbial Contamination What’s inside your Panipuri? Suvecha Dahal, Senior Content Creator October 12, 2017 Food can get microbial contamination anytime and anywhere – while it is being grown, processed, packaged, stored or made. A typical roadside pani puri... read more

Poison on a platter

Effects of Pesticides Poison on a platter Subecha Dahal, Senior Content Creator October 3, 2017 We like to buy fruits and vegetables that show no obvious signs of insect, decay or damage. But at what cost? Source A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables is considered... read more

What’s in a pickle

What’s in a pickle? Why dhusi or fungus does not scare us but it should. Subecha Dahal, Senior Content Creator June 21, 2017 In Nepali culture, most of us are not too scared by a slight growth of dhusi in our food. We think a little dhusi is not too bad. If you just... read more

You Are What Your Food Eats

You Are What Your Food Eats How does excessive use of antibiotics in animal and poultry feed affect our own health? Suvecha Dahal, Senior Content Creator June 21, 2017 When we eat animal and poultry products like meat, milk, eggs and cheese, our body absorbs and... read more