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    ZEST is a testing and research oriented organization in the field of food & agriculture, drug & pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, herbal & ayurvedic products, essential oils & cosmetic products, pesticide formulations, pesticide residues & contaminations, water and wastewater.


    ZEST has state-of-the-art testing & research facilities. We adhere to testing requirements as per pharmacopeia, AOAC, AOCS, APHA, Indian Standards (BIS), and Nepal Standards (NS).

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    ZEST provides pre- and post-shipment inspection of food & oil grains, pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, and other commodities in Nepal

    Product Development

    ZEST provides client-based development of traceable secondary reference standard for laboratory use, protocol preparation for analytical method development & validation, and test method validation for new products.


    ZEST delivers consultation services for preparing testing laboratories for ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, HACCP/GLP compliance, product design & modification, testing laboratory set-up, and testing requirements for different commodities.


    ZEST regularly provides hands-on training on HPLC, GC, AAS, other analytical equipment & analytical skills, as well as other technical training as per the need of drug and food authorities, manufacturing units, and academic institutions. ZEST also gives classroom training on ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 accreditation.


    ZEST provides research facilities for government and non-government organizations working in food, agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors. These research includes, but not limited to, estimation of antibiotic residues in animal feed, estimation of aflatoxins in food grain and feed products, quantification of Trans fat profile in food consumables, etc.

    About Us

    Always on the lookout to give quality testing solutions for everyone.

    The missionary zeal of ZEST is to deliver quality services with international standards for quality testing of medicines, medical consumables, food, water & allied products, pre- & post-shipment inspection of food, pharmaceuticals & other commodities, and professional training for national and international clients.

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    ZEST Laboratories & Research Center

    We Advice To Choose A Right Decision

    ZEST has been providing ethical and quality testing services since 2002 now. Regardless of the product and industry you represent, the lab is always on the lookout to give quality testing solutions for everyone.

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    Drug, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Consumables

    All the parameters enlisted in the specifications (compendial & non-compendial) – In accordance with latest edition of IP, BP, USP, International Pharmacopoeia & in-house protocols Tablets, Capsules (Hard & Soft Gel, Liquid Orals, Small & Large Volume Parenterals, Eye/Ear drop, Cream, Gel, Ointment Oral Powders Syringes & Needles Infusion sets Cotton, Gauze, bandages Test Kits […]

    Food & Agricultural Products

    Food & Agricultural products tested for – proximates, water activities, nutrients & micro nutrients, antinutrients, Active constituents & contaminants (Heavy metals, antibiotic residues, pesticide residues, Microbial contaminations & Mycotoxins) by latest edition of AOAC and other validated & internationally recognized methods. Tea [green & Black] & Coffee Cereals, Pulses & Cereal Products Edible Oil, Ghee […]


    Pesticide residues in food grains, fruits, Vegetables, spices & condiments, processed food etc,QC test of Pesticide formulations, QC test of LLINS as per WHOPES specifications. Pesticide Residues, Pesticides Formulations & Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINS)  


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    Alcoholic beverages have been consumed by humans for centuries, enhancing social interactions and celebrating special occasions. However, beneath their enjoyable facade lurks a hidden danger that can have serious health consequences. Ethanol vs Methanol: Understanding the Difference The production of alcoholic beverages involves the fermentation process, which results in the creation of different types of […]

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    What’s inside your Panipuri?

    Food can get microbial contamination anytime and anywhere – while it is being grown, processed, packaged, stored or made. What is microbial contamination? Microbes are universal and found everywhere. Some are harmless and some are harmful. All food you eat is prone to microbial contamination at every stage before being eaten. Contaminated food and water when […]

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    Not losing trust in condoms

    Condoms are not domestically produced in Nepal, they are procured internationally. But are they quality tested after they have arrived in Nepal? Condoms in briefSocial marketing has made most of us aware of condom use and the protection it offers. A condom can protect against pregnancy up to 98% of the time. Male condoms are […]

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